Gray Television Remote Access

Connecting to WideOrbit or other applications

Raycom Media hosts many applications on "Application Servers" in Montgomery. These applications include Great Plains, Invoice Router, WideOrbit, OSi, SIMS, and more.

In order to access these applications from outside of Raycom, you must connect to the Raycom private network.

How do I connect to the Raycom Private Network using VPN?

Once you are connected to the Raycom Private Network, you need to connect to our internal SharePoint site

How do I connect to SharePoint?

Once you are on SharePoint, you can download the desktop shortcuts for our applications to your home computer and launch them like you would on your work computer. Please note: You should not do this from a shared or public computer. From a shared computer, you would use the step below.

Alternatively, after connecting to the Raycom private network, you can Remote Desktop to your work computer, which will let you access all of your programs and applications as if you were at work

How do I Remote Desktop to my work computer?