Gray Television Remote Access

Connecting to SharePoint

SharePoint is Raycom Media's private intranet website. It contains information and documents for every station and department in the company, along with access to the Raycom Application Server and other company-wide applications. Q: How do I get to SharePoint? SharePoint is not visible directly over the Internet, so you have to use WebVPN to connect to Raycom's private network. For information on WebVPN, see this help topic: How do I connect to the Raycom Private Network using VPN?.

After connecting to Raycom's private network, open your web browser and go to

When prompted to log in, use your Raycom Windows username and password, however you must put "hq\" in front of your username. Q: Why do I get an "Oops" page when I try to go to SharePoint? If you go to and see a large "Oops" message, you are either not connected to Raycom's private network, or your connection is having problems getting to our private servers. Usually diconnecting from the VPN connection and re-connecting will fix the problem. Q: When I try to go to SharePoint, my browser just sits there. I don't get any website. What do I do? If your browser won't connect to any website at, then odds are your home or hotel network uses the address raneg behind the scenes. Try disconnecting from the VPN and re-connectiong using the Secondary option. Q: I have logged on to the SharePoint website. Now what do I do? Once you can get to SharePoint, you can access your station site, your company-wide department site, or connect to the Raycom Application Server or other SharePoint-based applications just as you would from work.