Gray Television Remote Access

Connecting to VPN

In order to access Raycom's private network from outside of the company, you need to use our Virtual Private Network (VPN) software. Once connected to the Raycom network, you can access company applications and network shared drives. You can also remote to your work computer to allow you to work from home or on the road as if you were there at work.

Please note, these instructions are only for connecting to Raycom from outside of work. If you are reading this from someplace inside a Raycom location, you are already on our network and do not need to VPN into Raycom. Q: Do I need to VPN into the Raycom network? In general, no. Most things you may need to do while outside of the company can already be done directly over the Internet, such as checking your email, submitting your timesheet, or printing your paystub. You only need to VPN into the Raycom network if you need to access other Raycom applications, such as Great Plains, Invoice Router, WideOrbit, etc., or to remote your work computer to work as if you were at your desk. Q: What do I need in order to VPN into the Raycom network? First, your user account must be given permissions to VPN into the network. Contact your local IS Manager to discuss turning this on for your account.

Second, you need an Internet connection and a remote computer. You can VPN in from home or on the road as long as you are on a computer with Internet access.

If you are using VPN in order to remote into your work computer, then your work computer must be turned on and configured to allow you to remote into it (Please see the Remote Desktop section of this site for more information.)

Last, you need to install and use our WebVPN client or our VendorVPN client. Q: Do I use WebVPN or VendorVPN? WebVPN is for use by Raycom employees. For more information on how to install and use WebVPN, see the help topic below.

How to install and use WebVPN

VendorVPN is a special VPN system used by non-Raycom employees such as system vendors and their support staff. If you need access to the VendorVPN system, please contact the Raycom Media Corporate IS Department for instructions and assistance. Q: What can I do over VPN? Once you have connected to the Raycom private network through VPN, you can access our SharePoint intranet website and the Raycom Application Server directly from your remote computer, or you can use Remote Desktop to connect to your work computer to do everything you could normally do at work. For more information, see the help topics below.

How do I connect to SharePoint?

How do I connect to WideOrbit or other company applications?

How do I Remote Desktop to my work computer?