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Android Email Setup

Privacy Alert: In order to protect company information, configuring your iPhone/iPad to connect to Raycom's email servers will force your iPhone/iPad to use an unlock code to unlock you device. If you do not already use a unlock code, you will be prompted to create one the next time you unlock your device. This is to keep someone from being able to get into your work email in case your device is lost or stolen.

Android devices vary, so your device may look different than the screenshots below.

Press the Menu button on your device, then tap on 'Settings'. Tap on 'Accounts'. Tap on 'Add account'. Tap on 'Corporate Sync'. Fill in your email information.
Please note: Different Android devices have different setup screens for Corporate Sync, so your phone or tablet may look different than these examples.

Email Address: Enter your email address. Password: Enter your password.

Domain: Leave blank.

Username: Enter either:

where username is your Raycom username. Use after your username, even if your email address is different.

Important: Every Android device is different, and some devices require the username to be set differently than other devices. Try each username above to see which way your device needs it. Server: If prompted, enter ""

You can get to your work email by tapping the 'Email' icon from the applications list on your device. If you find your battery life runs out too fast, you can try turning off the Data Push feature. To get to this setting, go into Email, then tap:
Menu - Email Settings - Email Delivery

Turn off Data Push and set Fetch to 'Hourly'. Your device will automatically update your email when you press the Email button, so you don't need to waste the battery with continual push updates when you're not looking at it. Having your device fetch email once an hour will keep it close enough that it will catch up quickly when you push the Email button, and will save a lot of battery power.