Gray Television Remote Access

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Submit a trouble ticket to the Gray Television Montgomery IT Department

Corporate IT Contacts

Normal Business Hours: Monday through Friday 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM CST

After Hours Support
Call the Gray Television IT Support Hotline at 1-888-399-9790 or email

Name Title Desk Mobile Email
James Jefferies Director, IT Engineering 334-206-1428 334-549-4965
Systems Administration
Name Title Desk Mobile Email
Lotte Dunn Director, Systems Administration 334-206-1455 334-201-0515
Baley Boyd Systems Administrator 334-206-1452 334-306-3494
Chris Trent Systems Administrator 334-206-1474 334-322-0152
Telecommunications & Networking
Name Title Desk Mobile Email
Thomas Stabler Director, Network Administration 334-206-1405 334-549-7634
Michael Dozier Network Administrator 334-206-1511 334-207-6407
Kyle Scott Network Administrator 334-206-1442 334-303-0950
Applications & Development
Name Title Desk Mobile Email
Holley Dunigan Development/HRIS 334-206-1473 334-201-1450